Our caravan repairs Adelaide

Caravan Express offer the full-scope of caravan repairs Adelaide. However, we don’t do it the traditional way—our service is mobile! The overarching goal is to encourage more people to get their caravans maintained, by simplifying the system. Some of the common services we undertake are: 

  • Wheel bearing & Brake servicing
  • Awning installations
  • Plumbing and leak repairs
  • Hot water service repairs
  • Caravan reseals

Just like any vehicle, caravans are subject to all kinds of wear and tear—particularly if you’re driving them off-road. You should be getting yours serviced every 10,000 km to ensure full safety and functionality. Our team of qualified specialists are incredibly passionate about helping the local community.  We’ll go above and beyond to squeeze you in without interrupting your holiday plans! Restore your road confidence and have a chat to the team about our extensive list of caravan repairs Adelaide.

Caravan Repairs Adelaide

Best places to bring your caravan in SA!

So you’ve got your caravan repairs Adelaide booked in, but you’re not quite set on where to go. Well, we’ve compiled a list of top South Australian Caravanning locations! Here’s where you can enjoy peace and quiet with the comfort of your cosy caravan:

  • Mambray camping ground (Mount Remarkable)
  • Pondalowie Bay caravan and trailers ground (Innes National Park)
  • Yangie Bay camping ground (Coffin Bay National Park)
  • Wilpena Pound (Flinders Ranges)
  • Limestone Coast (Mount Gambier).

Having a caravan gives you the freedom to get up and go just about anywhere, at any time. Australian’s are lucky to have so many incredible camping hotspots that offer unique and enthralling experiences. Whether you want to explore the coast, learn about the country’s history or find a peaceful green reading nook—there’s something for everyone. Make sure you call the Caravan Express team to sort out your caravan repairs Adelaide before your next adventure!

Additional considerations before hitting the road

After securing your caravan repairs Adelaide, check that you have all the right accessories. Here are some of the caravan additions you might find useful on your road trip:

  • Awnings and Annexes: The only downfall of camping or caravanning is getting caught up in rough weather. Whether that be harsh sun or heavy rain, awnings and annexes are an effective way to keep you sheltered and dry. They also add extra privacy!
  • Towing mirrors: External caravan mirrors are a valuable investment. A large caravan can really impact your special awareness, which is incredibly dangerous during peak holiday periods on busy highways.
  • Solar Panels: Solar panels give you the freedom of camping anywhere with access to reliable power. A quality system should maintain full functionality for up to 20 years, making the return on investment worth your while. For more on our accessories or caravan repairs Adelaide, call 0490923626 today!

Don’t keep putting off your caravan repairs Adelaide. take every opportunity to hit the road and explore our beautiful local landscapes. If you require any caravan services or products that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to quiz us at any time. We’ll make sure you make the right choices and receive the highest quality service in SA! Simply call 0490923626.