The most reliable caravan service in Adelaide

In the midst of a busy working week, it can be hard to find the time to service your caravan. But, what if you didn’t have to lift a finger? Caravan Express provide mobile caravan service Adelaide to accommodate busy schedules. Whether it’s at your residency or a storage unit, we’re happy to come and check that everything’s safe and road ready. Ideally, your caravan should be serviced every 10,000 km, so it’s wise to take note of your car’s pedometer before and after each trip. We empathise with the struggle of finding an affordable mechanic you can trust. To counter this problem, our team strive to deliver a level of customer service that is unrivalled across Adelaide. We aim to be your first, and only point of consideration when it comes to caravan repairs—to benefit both parties! Book your mobile caravan service Adelaide today.

Mobile Caravan Service Adelaide

Essential tips for new caravanners

Are you new to the caravan game? Well, we have a few tips we think you’ll be grateful for down the track. First and foremost, start off the right way with mobile caravan service Adelaide. Secondly, respect other drivers—spatial awareness is vital when towing a large caravan. We also recommend you hit the road early to avoid traffic and optimise time. If you’ve got family or friends travelling with you, bring some personal entertainment for when the company gets a bit much—caravans are quite intimate spaces. It’s also a good idea to practice setting up and packing down before you go to prevent a meltdown in the dark. When your caravan’s not in use throughout the year, make sure you keep it somewhere safe and covered! For all the information you need on caravan maintenance, have a chat with our professionals during your mobile caravan service Adelaide.

What does a service entail?

If you’ve never had a mobile caravan service Adelaide before, you might be wondering what we actually do. Well, our team care take care of everything.

  • BEARING & BRAKE SERVICING: We inspect, clean and repack your bearings. If they’re showing signs of damage, we’ll fully replace them.
  • AWNING INSTALLATIONS: Rollout awnings are a wise choice when it comes to caravanning, and we’ve installed a wide variety of styles and brands such as Aussie Traveller and Carefree.
  • PLUMBING & LEAKS: We repair and install water pipes and all push-fit compression fittings.
  • HOT WATER SERVICE REPAIRS: We regularly provide hot water services, whether it’s an anode change, a flush or a new element.
  • NEW BATTERIES: Whether you require AGM or lithium, we supply a range of high-quality batteries at affordable price.
  • INSTALLATIONS: Awnings, air-cons, antennas, gas heaters, windows and more. We’re the best team for your mobile caravan service Adelaide!

We take pride in the work we do, and we’re always looking for opportunities to extend our expertise. To give yourself the peace of mind you need to click into holiday mode, call us for mobile caravan service Adelaide!